Can I still order a takeaway during the coronavirus outbreak? Here's what Deliveroo and Uber Eats are saying

With many people working from home and some self-isolating as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic, a takeaway might feel like one of the last little luxuries life has to offer.

And, if you didn’t stockpile early (like many others), ordering in may be one of your only options for dinner.

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Thankfully, you can still order a takeaway during the outbreak.

To protect you and their workers, most delivery apps are putting measures in place so you can pick up your food, without coming into contact with the driver.

New no contact drop off service

Popular food delivery company, Deliveroo, issued a statement saying, “As well as providing restaurants with additional packaging and stickers to seal the delivery bags, we’re also launching a no-contact drop-off service which will mean you can request in the app that your rider leaves the food on your doorstep - removing the need for direct contact for both parties.”

To make life easier, the company is also providing a service in which you can order kitchen and household products from local stores and supermarkets on their app.

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Deliveroo says it has started a fund to ensure that if any of its riders are diagnosed with coronavirus and find that they are unable to work during this period, they will have a means of financial support.

Uber Eats has a similar policy in place

Fellow delivery company, Uber Eats, published post on its website saying, “We understand that you may be relying more on food delivery right now. If you prefer, you can leave a note in the Uber Eats app to ask your delivery person to leave your food at the door.”

On Uber Eats, when you order your food, you can review delivery details and add delivery notes there, below where it details your address. There is currently an option on the home screen of the app with instructions to help.

Uber Eats has also offered 14 days of financial assistance to any driver who is diagnosed with the virus, or who is asked to self-isolate, to try to avoid those who are ill coming to work.

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Just Eat said, “We are introducing contactless delivery and continue to share relevant government advice with restaurants, couriers and our people.

“We are closely monitoring the evolving situation and continue to review our approach as the situation progresses.”

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