Campaigners say these UK statues with links to racism and slavery should be removed - see the full list

A statue of slave trader Robert Milligan has been removed (Getty Images)A statue of slave trader Robert Milligan has been removed (Getty Images)
A statue of slave trader Robert Milligan has been removed (Getty Images)

A campaign is calling for the removal of statues, memorials and titles in the United Kingdom which “celebrate racism and slavery”.

The Topple the Racists movement comes in the wake of the forced removal and subsequent disposal of a statue depicting slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol.

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Launched in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests in the UK by the Stop Trump Coalition, the movement has been launched so that Britain can “finally face the truth about its past – and how it shapes our present.”

Explorers, generals and Prime Ministers all listed

Sir Francis Drake, Cecil Rhodes and Horatio Nelson are among the names whose presence should be debated according to organisers.

In Scotland a Henry Dundas statue in Edinburgh and a memorial to slave revolt crusher Henry Moore in Glasgow are also targeted by campaigners.

Members of the public are being invited to add to the organisation’s map which already features over 50 statues and memorials.

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Action has already been taken by some local authorities to remove statues in the wake of Edward Colston’s removal in Bristol.

Topple the Racists creators say they take direct inspiration from the action taken in Bristol.

They say they were “inspired by the direct action taken by Bristolians.”

They add: “statues are exercises of public adoration. And Edward Colston made his fortune in the slave trade. He was part of a system of mass murder, torture and human suffering.

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“We must learn from, not venerate, this terrible chapter in British colonial history.”

They say that their aim to “promote debate” and that it is ”up to local communities to decide what statues they want in their local areas.”

Full list of statues 

1st Earl Roberts statue, Glasgow

Admiral Sir Edward Codrington plaque, Brighton

Beckford School, London

Blundell House, Liverpool

Bodmin Beacon, Bodmin

Captain James Cook statue, Great Ayton

Cecil Rhodes statue, Oxford

Charles James Napier, London

Christopher Columbus statue, Liverpool

Christopher Columbus, London

Codrington Library, Oxford

Codrington library, Oxford

Colston Girls School, Bristol

Colston Hall, Bristol

Colston Road, Mortlake

Colston Tower, Bristol

Drax Avenue, Wareham

Duke of Sutherland statue, Golspie

Earl Mountbatten statue, London

Elihu Yale pub, Wrexham

General Nott, Carmarthen

Goldsmith University statues of Francis Drake, Robert Blake and Horatio Nelson, London

Green Man, Ashbourne

Guy’s Hospital London

Henry Austin Bruce statue, Cardiff

HM Stanley Column, St Asaph

HM Stanley statue, Denbigh

Henry Dundas statue, Edinburgh

Henry Havelock statue, London

James Georg Smith Neill monument, Ayr

James George Smith Neill Statue, Ayr

Jan Smuts statue, London

“Jim Crow” Rock, Argyll

John Moore statue, Glasgow

Lendy Memorial Lion, Sunbury-on-Thames

Leverhulme Memorial, Wirral

Lord Clyde statue, Glasgow

Lord Kitchener statue, Chatham

Lord Robert monument, Glasgow

Martin’s Bank Slavery Relief, Liverpool

Nancy Astor statue, Plymouth

Nelson Monument, Liverpool

Nelson’s Column, London

Peel Park, Bradford

Peel Tower, Bury

Picton memorial, Carmarthen

Redvers Buller, Exeter

Rhodes Art Complex, Hertfordshire

Rhodes Arts Complex, Hertfordshire

Rober Baden-Powell, Poole

Robert Clayton statue, London

Robert Clive statue, London

Robert Clive statue, Shrewsbury

Robert Geffrye statue, London

Robert Peel Statue, Tamworth

Robert Peel statue, Birmingham

Robert Peel statue, Bradford

Robert Peel statue, Bury

Robert Peel statue, Glasgow

Robert Peel statue, Leeds

Robert Peel statue, Leeds

Robert Peel statue, Preston

Robert Peel, Manchester

Ronald A.Fisher memorial window, Cambridge

Sir Francis Drake statue, Plymouth

Sir Henry De la Beche tribute, Imperial College

Sir Robert Clayton statue, London

Henry Austin Bruce statue, Cardiff

Stephen Clark statue, London

The East India Estate, Croydon

The Kitchener Memorial, Glasgow

Thomas Carlyle statue, Glasgow

Thomas Guy statue, London

Thomas Phillips statue, Brecon

Thomas Picton Statue, Cardiff

William Armstrong memorial, Newcastle

William Beckford statue, London

William Ewart Gldstone plaque, Brighton

William Gladstone statue, Hawarden

Wills Memorial Building, Bristol