Bird cards let children’s imagination take flight

Bird card for the robinBird card for the robin
Bird card for the robin

Identifying our feathered friends

Brighter days are upon us and new life and nature is at the forefront of our minds.

With the brighter weather comes brand new opportunities to see new birds and wildlife and teach your little ones about what feathered friends live among us.

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What's available

To help with this, Vine House Farm have created a series of Educational Bird Cards to teach children about the birds around them.

Google search results suggest that parents are wanting to bring the classroom home, with a 350 per cent search increase in searches for “teaching children at home”. With such a high statistic, it’s clear that parents are looking for a way to keep their little ones entertained, while also learning.

The Educational Bird Cards feature: Wingspan; Length; UK Population (Breeding); Weight; Average Lifespan.

Bird card for the Pied WagtailBird card for the Pied Wagtail
Bird card for the Pied Wagtail
Bird card for the MagpieBird card for the Magpie
Bird card for the Magpie

Encouraging children to get engaged with birds and wildlife is a great way to teach them about the environment and the importance of nature conservation.

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Bird card for the JayBird card for the Jay
Bird card for the Jay

Vinehouse Farm said: “It’s so important that the younger generation are aware of the importance birds have on not only our ecosystem but also society in general.

“They help shape the plant life that we see around both locally and globally.

“We created the Educational Bird Cards to inspire the new generation to take a look outside and see what wildlife they can see. Taking the time to identify the birds, to explore and fully immerse themselves in the beauty that could be sat on their kitchen windowsill.

“With bright colours and a clearly displayed image of each bird, these cards are perfect for educating and teaching children about birds and wildlife.

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Bird card for the House SparrowBird card for the House Sparrow
Bird card for the House Sparrow

“Resources such as these can be extremely helpful in engaging children in a topic they may have previously shown less interest in.

We understand trying to keep children entertained over the summer holidays can be a daunting task, so this should be the perfect task to entertain little ones of all ages.”

Bird card for the BlackbirdBird card for the Blackbird
Bird card for the Blackbird

Vine House Farm are bird care experts and have a wealth of wildlife knowledge. This resource has been created in hopes it will inspire a younger generation, with the aim they too can adopt the same passion for birds and wildlife.

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