ASOS used a woman's photo to advertise a dress after a man on Tinder told her she looked ugly in it

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 11:24 am
Updated Friday, 3rd May 2019, 12:25 pm
Ms Chippendale photo is now being used by ASOS to advertise the dress (Photo: ASOS)

A picture of woman who was told a dress was not doing her “any favours” by a stranger on Tinder is being used by online clothing store ASOS.

The website tweeted a video screengrab of their online listing for the £75 dress which Thea Lauryn Chippendale was wearing, revealing that the second photograph is now the one that appeared on her Tinder profile.

The store said, “Swipe right to see who had the last laugh…”

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@theachippendale Swipe right to see who had the last laugh…

— ASOS (@ASOS) May 2, 2019

‘That photo is not doing any favours’

The move came after Ms Chippendale posted a screenshot of a conversation she had had on Tinder with one of the men she had matched with.

In it, the man called George said, “Not gonna lie you’re a bit of a joke but that photo is not doing any favours. Hope this helps.”

The advert for the dress on the ASOS website (Photo: ASOS)

Ms Chippendale replied, “Why did you feel like you needed to comment on it? Is your head that far up your own a**e that you thought your opinion mattered?”

In response, the man claimed that he would have had trouble sleeping if he hadn’t told her what he thought.

He said, “It’s awful you not reckon? Charity shop job! I tell you what.. GROW UP! And shop somewhere decent! Thanks. Hope this helps.”

‘The last laugh’

This is insane, thank you so much @ASOS 🤯❤️

— Thea Lauryn Chippendale 🌹 (@theachippendale) May 2, 2019

ASOS’s tweet has now been retweeted more than 13,000 times since it was posted on Thursday 2 May.

Ms Chippendale retweeted the video and said, “This is insane, thank you so much ASOS.”

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Edinburgh Evening News