ASOS branded ‘disgusting’ after Topshop staff discovered jobs losses via social media

Staff were informed of their job losses via social media and media reports (Photo: Shutterstock)
Staff were informed of their job losses via social media and media reports (Photo: Shutterstock)

ASOS has been branded “disgusting” by Topshop store staff, after they were only officially informed of their job losses via social media and media reports.

Thousands of staff discovered their jobs were likely to go two hours after the online fashion retailer announced its £295 million takeover of the brand.

Staff not part of the acquisition

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    Angry workers took to social media to complain that they found out that ASOS would not be buying stores, and saving their jobs, as part of the deal via Twitter and media reports.

    ASOS announced the deal to save the Topshop, Topman and Miss Selfridge brands at 7am on Monday (1 February) and by 7.45am, the retailer sent out a tweet welcoming Topshop and Topman to “the ASOS family”.

    However, it took Deloitte until 9am to inform around 2,500 staff at 70 remaining Topshop, Topman and Miss Selfridge stores that they would not be part of the acquisition.

    Administrators later confirmed that only about 300 jobs would be saved as part of the deal.

    It is understood that these staff are likely to be made redundant, although some workers may be kept on for a short period to help process remaining stock, which has been bought by ASOS, and send from stores.


    Shop workers took to social media to express their anger at the news, describing the failure to inform staff about the job losses sooner as ‘disgusting’.

    In response to a tweet from ASOS welcoming Topshop and Topman to the brand, one Twitter user wrote: “We’re not part of “your family”... we’ve all lost our jobs and been made redundant.

    “All stores are closing, we closed ours this week. Spare a thought for all of us staff, especially those who have just found out they are jobless through the media and your tweet.

    “Not good enough.”

    Another user, Beccy, wrote: “It’s actually disgusting. I’ve worked for Topshop for two years and my own manager found out through Sky News as the administrators didn’t inform us.

    “The press/social media knew before we did. Disappointed isn’t the word today.”

    Fellow Twitter user, Scarlett Rawson, added: “Thank you for telling me I lost my job before my employer even got round to doing it.

    “Could you not have waited at least one day before announcing that you have bought out thousands of jobs from people… especially in a time like this!”

    Around 13,000 jobs were put at risk when the Arcadia retail group first fell into administration in December last year.

    Evans, another of Arcadia’s brands, was bought by Australia’s City Chic in December in a deal worth £23 million. However, other brands in the retail group have not yet been sold.

    Online retailer Boohoo is in exclusive talks to buy Dorothy Perkins, Wallis and Burton brands, in a move which will also not include stores.

    The news comes after Boohoo recently sealed a deal to buy the Debenhams brand and website for £55 million.

    However, the deal did not include any of the retailer’s remaining 118 high street stores or its workforce, meaning up to 12,000 jobs were lost.