Argos recalls e-cigarettes due to fears they could burn people

Argos has recalled some of the e-cigarettes it sells over fears that an overheating battery could cause burns and even fires.

The retailer is recalling six different kinds of e-cigarette because the battery that has been provided with the product is not compatible with e-cigarettes.

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This means that the battery could become too hot and injure users.

The affected e-cigarettes are certain models made by Smok and Innokin although Argos says the batteries weren't supplied by these manufacturers.

If you own one of these e-cigarettes you should return them to Argos immediately for a full refund of £79.99.

Argos adds that concerned shoppers can also contact it on 0800 0113462.

THE e-cigarettes Argos is recalling are:

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Smok X Priv kit black and red - 7395615Smok Mag kit black and red - 8651592Innokin Proton kit black - 8652175Smok Mag kit 220 black prism - 8143639Innokin Proton kit rainbow - 8647661Smok X Priv kit chrome - 8638151

Even e-cigarettes with the correct battery installed can overheat.

Electrical Safety First gives some guidelines on how to properly charge your vape so that you avoid the risk of burns.

The website says:

Follow the provided instructions carefully – battery capacities and charging voltages vary according to manufacturer so it’s important to check you are using the correct charger.

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Pay close attention to any warnings supplied with the product. Over-tightening of the screwed connection to the rechargeable battery, for example, can cause mechanical damage which can in turn create heat problems, product failure or even injury.

Ensure that vapes are not left charging for long periods of time.

Never leave e-cigarettes plugged in overnight or whilst you are out of the house.

Look out for the CE mark that indicates chargers comply with European Safety standards.

Never keep loose e-cigarette batteries in your pocket, particularly next to keys or coins - they are more likely to cause fire.

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