Another Beast from the East could be heading for the UK - what to expect

Another Beast from the East could be heading for the UK - what to expect (Photo: Shutterstock)
Another Beast from the East could be heading for the UK - what to expect (Photo: Shutterstock)

The UK is due to experience a cold snap in the next few weeks, as easterly winds are likely to bring a so-called ‘Beast from the East’ to the country, in the form of a cold air mass from Russia.

The Met Office has issued a number of national severe weather warnings for the week ahead, with wintry conditions expected, including substantial snowfall.

High pressure over Scandinavia and other factors have prompted some experts to compare the expected conditions to those which produced the Beast from the East in early 2018.

Snow is expected in Scotland and parts of northern England this week, with a risk of flooding in some parts of northern and eastern England, after a heavy rainfall which could result in rapid thawing of snow.

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    Travel could continue to be disrupted across the country as a result of weather conditions, particularly in those areas which see particularly high levels of snowfall.

    ‘Travel disruption’

    Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Frank Saunders, said: “Further spells of snow will continue to affect parts of northern England and Scotland during Wednesday and Thursday. There could be continued travel disruption across northern trans-Pennine routes and the higher roads across the Southern Uplands and Grampians.

    “Meanwhile, a period of heavy rain overnight into early Wednesday will result in rapid thawing of snow in places, particularly north east England, which may lead to a risk of flooding.”

    Temperatures are expected to remain low next week for much of the UK, with easterly winds adding to the feeling of cold, although it will likely start to get drier, followed by a cold dry spell through the middle of the month.

    ‘Snow across much of Scotland’

    Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Mark Sidaway, said: “Into the weekend snow will continue across much of Scotland, and is likely to increasingly fall to low levels before beginning to move south into northern and eastern England.”

    “We are likely to see some very large accumulations across higher parts of Scotland especially, with strong winds leading to significant drifting and blizzard conditions at times.”

    He added: “Although amounts of snow across England are likely to be less, they could still cause some problems as we go into the weekend.”