5 creative activities to keep kids entertained at home

As schools remain closed, you may have run out of ideas to keep the little ones occupied. 

Once their educational activities are out of the way, the last thing you want is your children running around the house aimlessly, or getting up to no good. 

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So, to help keep the household and your sanity intact and to keep your kids amused, get your family’s creativity flowing with these fun activities below.

Finger painting

Put the traditional tools down and swap your paint brushes for your fingers. 

This is sure to go down a treat, as children not only love colours, but they relish any excuse to get messy.

Lay down a sheet of plastic (old tarpaulins or spare bin liners do the trick) so that you can simply pick up and bin the mess in one fell swoop, while also protecting your floors and furniture. 

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Natural landscapes are always the best choice to paint with your fingers, as they don't tend to require the neat lines you find in paintings of man made structures. 

Play dress up

Let the kids explore different sides of their personalities by dressing up in a variety of homemade costumes. 

Go hunting with your child through the family's wardrobes to find any old and forgotten items you could incorporate into a new look. 

Try recreating the look of their favourite TV or book characters, and hold a mini catwalk show in your home to finish it off. Make sure to photograph the results, to enjoy this for years to come.

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Face painting

If finger painting doesn't take your child’s fancy, try suggesting face painting. 

Usually an activity saved for birthday parties and other celebratory events, this fun activity will make your little one feel like it’s their special day all over again. 

Create a folded paper monster

This activity is as creative as it is simple. 

Grab a piece of A4 paper, and let your child begin to draw the head and neck of a monster. Make sure you do not see their drawing. 

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Once they have finished, fold the top of the piece of paper over just enough to cover the drawing so far. However, ensure you keep the neck of the monster revealed. 

You are now responsible for drawing the monster's body from the neck down to the hips. Make sure you use different colours to those your child used, to make the final result nice and bright. 

Once you’ve finished drawing, fold the paper again, this time keeping the bottom of the hips slightly on display. 

Pass the piece of paper to your child. It is now time for them to draw the legs (and tail, if they wish). Once they have finished, unfold the paper to reveal your new, crazy-looking monster.  

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Make a scrapbook

Scrapbooks are a great way to keep your children entertained since they are very simply a collection of all of your favourite things and memories. 

Use old photos, small toys, sea shells, rocks, leaves and any other loved items your child has collected over the years and stick them to the pages. 

Use glitter (carefully) to really make the book pop. This activity also doubles up as a great way for your child to clean up their room without them even realising. What’s not to love?