Zorro turns his paw to a spot of litter-picking

The latest instalment in our weekly series on dog rescue charity SHAK.

By Stephen Wylie
Friday, 5th April 2019, 2:00 pm
Zorro looking very pleased with himself.
Zorro looking very pleased with himself.

One of the things we pride ourselves on is the fact that all of our dogs get out of their kennels twice a day every day.

Given the horrendous stories that come along with them, it’s a luxury that some of our dogs have never experienced before.

We recently passed the 365 mark, a whole year of two walks a day, which is an incredible feat and a fine testament to the team we have when you consider the winter weather and the fact we run with around 70 dogs in total.

Whether it be a run and play around the exercise areas or a stroll into the beautiful Northumberland countryside, the dogs love every minute and seeing them so happy makes it all worthwhile.

It was on one of these walks that one of the staff members came up with a brilliant idea.

With all the strong winds of late, the hedgerows were full of litter, blown there from all over.

So off went Zorro on his afternoon walk, armed with a bin liner.

He found all sorts ranging from drinks bottles, cigarette packets, straws and crisp packets.

His favourite find, however, was an old plastic wheel trim that he even had to help to dig up!

Zorro came to us because he was frightened of strangers.

We don’t know much history but in the time he has been with us he really has come on and gradually begin to trust again.

To think he has now helped clear up a mess created by humans, makes me smile.

We are all so proud of him.

l SHAK is not a rehoming centre, although it does offer people the opportunity to apply for its Forever Foster project.