Youths risk their lives for thrill of roof-running

Sergeant Sharon Wilmore-Greaves
Sergeant Sharon Wilmore-Greaves

Thrill-seeking youths are dicing with death in a dangerous roof-top craze called freerunning, police have warned.

Youngsters in Alnwick are risking their lives by climbing on top of town-centre buildings, with some being filmed as they jump and run along the roofs.

In a recent incident, damage was caused to a window on the roof of one of the properties.

Police are making inquiries to identify those responsible and Alnwick Neighbourhood Sergeant Sharon Wilmore-Greaves has issued a warning to youths ‘who are risking their safety at the expense of a thrill’.

She said: “Last summer, we received reports of youngsters climbing on the roofs of buildings in Alnwick town centre and some of the school roofs.

“This died down over the autumn and winter, but over the last month it has started again.

“They are gaining access to town-centre buildings via Greenwell Lane and climbing up the lower walls to access the roofs which they run along and jump. This appears to be a craze with some of the youths and some are filming each other jumping and running along the roofs.

“This is not only dangerous but potentially life-threatening if someone falls off a roof at a great height or falls through the roof into a building. There is also a high risk that they could damage the structure of the buildings, walls or windows.

“We are concerned for those youths who are risking their safety at the expense of a thrill and the integrity of the buildings.”

Anyone with information to identify those involved should call police on 101.