Youths banned from store

Alnwick Bus Station
Alnwick Bus Station

Eight youths have been banned from Alnwick bus station and Morrisons store to combat anti-social behaviour.

Large groups of youths, of up to 20 at any time, were gathering at the bus station, intimidating passengers and members of the public with their boisterous behaviour, bad language and general disorder.

Police and partners, including Northumberland County, joined forces to tackle the issue.

Alnwick Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Truscott said: “We became aware of the difficulties this small minority of people were causing for members of the public using Alnwick’s bus station and took a targeted approach to tackle the issue.”

Officers from Alnwick and Coquetdale Neighbourhood Policing Team patrolled the area over four weekends.

The main offenders were identified, taken home and spoken to in front of their parents.

This was followed up by warning letters to first-time offenders.

Acceptable behaviour agreements were handed out to those who had come tothe notice of police on three separate occasions.

And following work carried out with Morrisons supermarket, letters were sent banning the main eight ringleaders from both the store and the bus station.

Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird said: “Dealing with anti-social behaviour is one of the key priorities of my police and crime plan and this is a good example of how agencies can work together to target the problem.

“We know that dealing with this type of issue is a priority for the public and I’m encouraging all partners to use all the powers available to them to deal with the small minority who cause problems in our communities.”

A professional street artist will work with the Gallery Youth Project and young people in the town to do something to improve the area around the bus station.

Insp Truscott added: “By working together we have helped tackle an issue which was affecting the quality of life of a number of people – both those living and working in the area and those using the bus station.

“We all need to show respect, tolerance and consideration to others as we go about our daily business in the communities where we live.”

Northumbria Police is running the Report it to sort it campaign aimed at helping people understand what anti-social behaviour is, encouraging them to report it to officers and explaining the service they can expect to receive from the force.

Anyone experiencing any kind of anti-social behaviour should contact police on 101, or in an emergency 999.