Youth workers praised after community visit

Hadston HouseHadston House
Hadston House
The High Sheriff of Northumberland has praised two youth workers he met on a visit to Hadston House.

Michael Orde has written to thank Kim Stewart and Anthony Reay following his recent visit to the centre.

Recognising the need for the facilities on offer for young people and how much they were needed, the High Sheriff said he was pleased to see the centre was helping young people to form and develop their characters, increasing their self-confidence and lifting their aspirations.

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Kim Stewart and Anthony Reay.Kim Stewart and Anthony Reay.
Kim Stewart and Anthony Reay.

He said he was particularly pleased to see that young people using the centre were being taught to cook as this would help to improve their understanding of food and diet which could potentially help them for the rest of their lives.

In his letter to Kim and Anthony, he said: ‘Having visited numerous groups across the whole county who are seeking to cater to the needs of young people in their own ways, reflecting the needs and challenges being experienced locally, I can see that the young people of Hadston are certainly in need of the support and facilities that you provide.

‘There is no doubt that groups such as yours are a very important ingredient in the influences that make up the environment in which young characters are formed and developed.

‘The activities of youth groups hopefully lead to greatee self-awareness, which in turn should lead to increased self-confidence and the lifting of their aspirations.’

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One of the directors of Hadston House, Scott Dickinson, said: “Kim and Anthony were really pleased to received a letter of thanks from the High Sheriff.

“He showed genuine interest in what we were doing. We were delighted to welcome him to the centre and show him the excellent work which is helping and supporting young people in our area.”