Youth group’s union with Eastern visitors

A Northumberland youth group has met members of a Christian charity from a troubled Eastern European country.

Contagious, an ecumenical charity based in Alnwick Baptist Church, welcomed two Ukranian youth workers to the first event of its new term of global sessions.

The visit is particularly poignant as the crisis in the Ukraine escalates.

Contagious’s Rock Solid, a high energy youth club for Years 5 to 8, welcomed the visitors last month.

Tima and Andreii, who work in partnership with the Christian charity Scripture Union, engage with youngsters through local churches back home in the Ukraine.

They presented their experience of the conflict and how it has impacted their lives and their faith to members of the Alnwick youth group, who united in prayer for the countries of the world before tucking into some Ukranian chocolates.

Claire Mead, Contagious youth and schools worker, said: “It was a very powerful evening which really made our young people think about their own lives and take stock of all the good things that we have here in our country.”

She reported that the team had received excellent feedback from the session. Euan Friend, 10, said it was ‘heart breaking but really good’ and a parent of one of the group members, Ruth, said: ‘Barnabas came back so fired up from last night and really motivated to pray and be thankful’. Claire hopes this will strengthen links with the Ukraine.