Your heritage is being ruined by litter-louts

My husband and I recently visited Northumberland for a short break as it is one of our favourite places in the UK.

As we are members of the National Trust we made our usual visit to Cragside, it is without doubt a truly wonderful place and a testimony to Armstrong and a lasting memorial to his greatness and achievements.

Throughout our entire visit we were constantly reminded of Armstrong, in the street names, buildings, monuments etc, therefore when we sought out his final resting place in All Saints graveyard we were horrified to find it such a dreadful mess.

Litter/cans and all manner of detritus surrounded the whole area, the graves of the family were neglected and completely uncared for, in fact it was an absolute disgrace.

As we came away I felt a dreadful sense of sadness at what I had seen. Is this how we treat our heroes, men who have made a difference to so many lives?

Surely there are people in Rothbury who could give up an hour or so to clear the area up and restore it to some kind of fitting place for such a wonderful benefactor to rest in peace.

I felt compelled to write and I hope my comments and observations are taken in the manner intended. Maybe there is nothing you can do, or indeed you may be unaware that things have got so bad.

I and trust someone may be able to help.

Mrs C Thomason

Fell View


North Yorkshire