Your chance to stand

MRS Cornall is of course entitled to her own views.

It might, however, be worth pointing out that Craster Parish Council did not ‘support’ the Dunstan Steads planning application as she claims, but rather endorsed the AONB objection, with an additional three provisos of its own.

Dunstan Steads has been a part of the Craster civil parish from the outset. There can be very few members of the village who are not familiar with Dunstan Steads and who do not care for its well-being. It has always been the case that representations made by the residents of Dunstan Steads to the council have been listened to and taken seriously, whether it be about access or dog-bins.

In return, however, there has never been any indication of interest by those residents in participation in the democratic process – none has put themselves forward for election, none has attended its meetings.

If you don’t exercise your democratic rights of participation, it can hardly come as a complete surprise if you have to work harder to be heard by those who do. And working harder is not the same as vituperation.Might we suggest that this lady takes less interest in African politics (studying Gadaffi and Mugabe) and more interest in local politics and stands at the next local elections.

We would be delighted to see some interest from that area of our parish.

Michael Craster (Craster Tower); Michael Robson (Heugh Road, Craster),

Craster Parish Council