You’ve been warned about impending energy crisis

I WAS interested to read the letter from John Carr-Ellison in last week’s Gazette.

From my view across the valley, there will only be the sails of wind turbines visible.

He says the valley is part of a natural bowl but it has been fashioned by sand quarries on the Breamish farming and forestry for thousands of years.

What use is the result? There is close by an enormous and noisy timber yard which runs 24 hours a day SEVEN days a week and is noisy all night.

It was interesting that no one ever objected to the unsightly fields of pigs there which obstructed my view but in the long run did nothing to change the landscape.

The Chatton aerial is over 20 metres taller than this structure will be and the Angel’s wing span is much greater than the sails of this sort of structure.

As a tourist, I have observed windfarms in areas of rural beauty and spent time thinking as to whether I found the things intruded on my enjoyment as a visitor and have to write I came to the conclusion that they did not.

Indeed, I think they are extremely elegant archetecturally.

I also would point out that my view of the Cheviots is very much spoilt by the enormous Meccano-like steel girders that the electricity board put marching right across the valley and it could do that without any local planning at all.

The timber yard is a greater impact when driving along the A697 Mr Carr-Ellison refers to.

In the end, the nimbys of this country are going to have to accept that fossil fuels are limited and we are going to find we have no power when the present power stations go out of commission in only nine years’ time and we have been warned about this since the 1970s and so far no action has been taken.

Anne Wrangham,

By email