You misunderstand us

COUN Rachael Roberts asks the question: ‘Would taxpayers want us spending money on a statue that I’m not sure a lot of local people are concerned about?’

The simple resounding answer is yes, because she quite simply misunderstands the people she is meant to represent.

Some 600 years after his death, Harry Hotspur is still a significant character and represents the historical importance of this spectacular area, bringing thousands of tourists every year and the employment that goes with it.

His fighting spirit lives on, although regrettably not in some members of the town council.

The majority of local people have a strong sense of heritage, pride and understanding of the importance of this statue to the area.

As one councillor, who peculiarly did not want to be named, but quite correctly said: “This matter will have to be put back on the agenda – and a sensible decision made.”

Let’s hope so!

Christopher W Goodfellow,

The Dunterns, Alnwick