You keep dreaming, Alan Castle

I ENJOYED Alan Castle’s ‘dreams’ column in the Gazette dated January 5 2012, but now for the nightmare.

A planning application has been made to build another house on the seaward side of Harbour Road in Beadnell, near to the White Rock site where it is proposed to build a large luxury house.

The excuse this time for the being allowed to build is the previous existence of a Second World War air raid shelter on the land (it may even still be there under the sand dune).

I was under the impression that the war ended in 1945, some 66 years ago and the land returned to its natural state a long time ago.

If the air raid shelter is still there I suggest that it should be registered as a listed building to join the other heritage features which exist in Beadnell.

To get serious and to quote from the planning officer’s report on the planning application that was refused for the White Rock site which is only a few metres away from this proposed new development: ‘Whilst the site may be classified as previously developed land, the principle of residential development on this site would require very special circumstances.

‘The principle of erecting a detached dwelling on the site would run contrary to national and local planning policy guidance as a result of the potential impact on the coastal zone’.

This statement applies equally to this new planning application and as far as I am aware there is no exceptional case to support this development.

It is the duty of Northumberland County Council’s planning department to protect and conserve our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, our coastline and our landscapes by stopping such inappropriate development.

It should not be necessary for the people of Beadnell to keep fighting these planning applications that, if approved, would destroy our coastline forever.

Alan we would like to make your dreams come true and for there to be no more letters to the newspaper, so why not stop knocking those who take the trouble to write in defence of the coastline and join us in stopping these inappropriate developments once and for all and then you can dream as much as you like, but there is no guarantee that it will get you off doing the dishes.

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