You get what you pay for

As it’s that time of year again, when Northumbrian residents declare open season on the local councils over the state of the roads.

A recent correspondent to the Gazette was demanding nothing less than the instant dispatch of a steam-roller to repair potholes in his locality.

We all pay our council tax, we are entitled to this sort of service, aren’t we?

I recently sat and worked out what my weekly contribution is. It turns out that I actually pay more for one hour’s labour when I have my car serviced.

So how does the council fritter away such a princely sum?

They empty my bins, they provide and staff a household refuse centre seven days a week so that I can dispose of other rubbish at my convenience and can anybody tell me why, when we purchase bulky items, we are happy to pay a small charge to have them delivered, but when these same items are discarded we expect the council to remove them for nothing?

Even this service is not good enough for the parasites who resort to fly tipping in the lay-by, and yes, it’s the council who come and clean the mess up for us.

All these unpleasant tasks are carried out on our behalf by the front line hi-vis-clad council workers ,the people referred to as Laurel and Hardy by the aforementioned name and address withheld correspondent (I hope if you read this you feel some sense of shame).

As for the state of the roads?

Since the days of stagecoaches and toll bars Britain’s roads have been a work in progress. We build them, we use them, we wear them out, it’s a never-ending cycle.

Now can someone explain why I may have to wait a few days for the council to fill in the potholes in my lane? After all, I pay my council tax.

CS Blease,