Wrong place for a turbine

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May I correct one or two points raised by CS Blease regarding the dualing of the A1 in last week’s Gazette.

When I was a district councillor in Alnwick, we had a meeting with a representative of the Highways Authority regarding the accident rate on the Felton to Alnwick A1 dual carriageway.

We were all amazed to be told that all slip-roads and central reservations were substandard on that stretch of the carriageway.

This has resulted in the high accident rate, especially on the Guyzance cross-over. This has not been improved by the building of a lay-by on the south carriageway just before the blind crest of the hill that leads down to this turning. Traffic emerging from this area joins the road at a slow speed, forcing fast moving traffic to accelerate into the outside lane.

The building of the wind turbine near to this location will be highly dangerous. The Angel of the North does not move. A wind turbine does. It will be within 250 metres of the A1 junction.

I notice the developers are using a study from 1992 which says this will not cause any problems, but more recent studies from medical bodies are expressing concern over the effect of flicker caused when the blades rotate, especially to people who are susceptible to this effect.

This is why all TV news programmes now give warnings when flash photography is being used.

This is a poor development which can only create a greater number of accidents on a dangerous stretch of road.

David Rixon,

Newton on the Moor.