WORKS: Road closure is alarming

I view with considerable alarm the closure of Bondgate Within for gas works from the beginning of January for the winter months, (Northumberland Gazette, November 19).

The banks, Lloyds, Barclays and HSBC, as well as the Yorkshire Building Society, are in the same area and that is the time of year when pavements are dangerously icy.

How is anyone with a disabled notice on their vehicle to get there if all parking ceases for three months? There has been a total lack of awareness at the county council as disabled parking places have been reduced anyway in the town.

I hope that all the pavements on that side of Alnwick are properly repaired afterwards. At present they are lethal from Narrowgate right along past the banks, and have been so for over three years.

I cannot understand why the council has not been sued for damage by people who have fallen.

Anne Wrangham,