WOMEN: 70s were not the dark ages

I read with some amusement that our women MPs think the 1970s were the dark ages and that life for women had changed.

Tampons were available before I left school in 1951.

Then, income tax was over 100 per cent on earnings over £5,000 per annum and jewellery carried a purchase tax of 125 per cent.

We had a Labour government. Purchase tax was an invention of the Common Market adopted by Ian McCloud.

I remember the anger when Harold Wilson introduced VAT on women’s sanitary equipment and we were told that it was fair as men had to pay VAT on their shaving equipment.

I back the present movement to remove this rotten tax, particularly since men seem to think designer stubble looks smart every day.

At the same time, it was the women of the 19th century who had to exist with rags, which were put in a bucket under the kitchen sink.

Women athletes were able to compete after the end of the war as I know that as a junior international at golf, I was enjoying the liberation of competetion encouraged at the end of 1945.

Anne Wrangham,