WINDFARM: Parishioners hold the moral high-ground

John Waters, of Ditchburn Action Group, at the consultation event at Eglingham Village Hall.
John Waters, of Ditchburn Action Group, at the consultation event at Eglingham Village Hall.

I attended the meeting at Eglingham Village Hall on Monday run by PNE Wind on its proposed nine-turbine windfarm at Ditchburn.

On display were a lot of large photos taken from various viewpoints of the present 26-turbine farm at Barmoor and Middlemoor, taken I must say, from a great distance so it was difficult to pick out the actual turbines on the blurred horizon.

As I live opposite and about six miles away from the existing turbines which are all too visible from foot to tip, I consider the display to be, as they say, economical with the truth.

The new turbines will be to the south of the existing turbines so they will be closer to Alnwick and even more visibly intrusive than the existing ones and will ruin a very beautiful landscape.

It will certainly do the tourist trade in this area some harm if it goes ahead.

PNE is based in Edinburgh and as far as I could ascertain none of the investors live in our district.

I asked the gentleman in charge of the exhibition who in the area would benefit and how many jobs would be created?

He said he was from Northumberland and he would be employed. When I said one job was not a lot he said, it would be more than one. Is it two? Or three?

A very pleasant and well-trained young lady took me round the exhibition. I pointed out to her that PNE had no connection with the area and that the only reason they were coming was for commercial gain. I said that to impose their project on our area, which was unwelcome and unasked for, was unethical.

It was obvious from the local people who were there that we did not want the windfarm – Northumberland has far too many turbines – and that an imposition such as they proposed was not moral.

The young lady got upset at this saying that I was attacking her personally so I left. But surely this is the basis of my case.

This is a personal issue for those of us who will have to live with this development and it is just a commercial proposition for PNE.

They have no moral right to impose themselves on us for their financial gain against our wishes.

PNE is pushing ahead with all haste to get planning passed before David Cameron has a chance to change the law which will allow local communities to have a say on developments such as this.

When Middlemoor and Barmoor were proposed we had no idea of just how much they would intrude on the landscape of north Northumberland.

We now know and it would be unforgivable if we did not do all we could to prevent this happening again. We owe it to the next generation.

Fred Watson,