Wind turbines don’t stack up

IF wind turbines were likely to make a significant contribution to global cooling then some sacrifices of amenity is arguable.

However, statistics show that they seldom work for more than a quarter of the time and thus require polluting back-up from coal-fired power stations.

They also produce electricity at three times the conventional cost.

This has already contributed to putting 4.6million households into fuel poverty and the number is rising.

Sadly, we are witnessing an ill-thought-out and futile scheme on the scale of the ground-nut fiasco, which rewards the rich installer and penalises all consumers.

Oh for a leading politician who will admit that the programme is crazy and calls for a halt before the subsidy impoverishes even more households and adds to unemployment as swathes of high-energy intensive industrial businesses are forced to close or emigrate to nations whose energy policy is more realistic than our immensely damaging and futile one.

One can only hope that planning committees have this in mind.

Lord Vinson,

Roddam Hall,