Wind turbine applications are driven by greed

THE arguments for and against onshore wind turbines will rage.

So long as huge sums are paid to landowners, applications will abound.

For as long as landowners chase those sums, communities will be divided by their applications.

The application by the owner of the Harehope Estate is a disgrace. If it succeeds, communities everywhere can quake in fear of a planner’s decisions.

What is so tragic, in addition to the inevitable blight on a wondrous vista, is that those who inherit such estates can be so selfish in their pursuit of further wealth that they forget an essential truth.

They are mere custodians of the lands they occupy.

When they have feasted on their windfall mammon and are dead and gone their follies remain.

Their stain endures and their little corners in history will be inscribed with words they have earned for themselves and their successors.

Apparently, this applicant does not care about such things anymore than he notices the beauty of his surroundings.

Robert Woodcock QC,

Northfield Farm, Glanton