Will no one local represent us?

I COULDN’T help but notice that not only is the Olympic torch going straight down Alnwick’s main street but three of the four bearers hail from Alnwick.

Yet as the torch enters Amble, if you call it that as its actually starts off in Warkworth and half of its Amble journey is along the unpopulated Rotary Way (Warkworth road if you haven’t bought one of them big houses there yet).

It doesn’t even touch our main street and worse still, the bearers of Amble are from Newcastle and Ashington.

Does Amble not have any sportsmen or women?

Ian Harding would seem a good candidate. being a well-known runner from Amble. Due to this let-down for Amble, I’m sure I’ll have something planned for June 15, possibly washing my hair (or what’s left of it).

Carl Stewart,