Why wait till now to save public cash?

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You report that around 400-plus jobs are to be cut by Northumbria Police together with the closure of 25 police stations resulting in savings to the taxpayer of £46million by March 2017.

This is, apparently, on top of savings of £58million already achieved.

This surely begs the question: For how long has this waste of taxpayers’ money been going on?

If reductions at this level can be achieved now through rationalisation, why were they not implemented five or 10 years ago?

According to Chief Constable Sue Sim, quoted elsewhere, the cuts will not affect the force’s ability to continue reducing crime and keeping communities safe.

The simple fact is that, as long as money is forthcoming from the taxpayer, there is no incentive in the public sector to rationalise and make savings as this only results in the budget for the following year being reduced.

Demanding cuts in the public sector, as the Government has done, has forced those responsible for spending our money to focus on providing better value for money,something which would not have occurred without Government intervention.

It is a pity that it was necessary for a massive deficit to build up, putting the country on the brink of bankruptcy, before this sort of waste was addressed

Richard Starks,

Hotspur Court,