Why can’t we have weekly bin collections?

I AM a local resident who would like to put an open question to the council regarding bin collections.

Since going to the fortnightly general waste collection scheme, I would like to know has the council given any thought to returning to the weekly collections given that the communities and Local Government Secretary, Eric Pickles has described weekly collections as a ‘basic right’, and has allocated £250m of funding to allow the councils that have moved to fortnightly collections to return to weekly pick-ups?

Indeed, the council may state that the fortnightly collections provide a boost to the local recycling rate, however, are not so quick to admit it also provides a boost to the local vermin populous, including mice, rats and, worst of all, flies which are worse during the summer months.

If the Government is allocating funds for this service, I see no reason why we could not have the weekly collections as before.

To put this into context, many of us face this scenario on a fairly regular basis: If a resident misses a collection (by forgetting to put the bin out), a bin containing Sunday’s chicken carcass, will lie untouched for up to three weeks before collection.

I really think that we can do better in the 21st century, than strong-arming people to recycle. I believe that the people of Northumberland by and large recycle anyway, but is a convenient excuse to cut costs by the local authority.

Richard Aldred, Alnwick