Why aren’t turbines working?

OPEN letter to Defra.

I AM extremely concerned about the turbines at the Defra building in Alnwick, Northumberland – when will they be working again?

As an ex-environmental manager in the paper industry, I was delighted to see all the new environmental features incorporated in this building.

However, I have previously had cause to contact the office of Eric Pickles to find out why the turbines had stopped. I understood from staff at the Defra office that there had been a fault with them, almost since they were installed.

Within a matter of weeks of my contacting Mr Pickle’s office, the turbines were working.

Very probably coincidental, but maybe repairs were stimulated by my comments.

Now they have been stopped for months and, yes, I do know that they can be locked off if the National Grid doesn’t require power at that particular time, but surely this doesn’t apply all the time?

This entire building was built with public money – my money as a taxpayer in this country – and the most obvious sign of the ‘green’ features appears to be a complete waste of money (I would be interested to know what the cost of buying and installing these turbines was originally).

I would like an explanation please – if the turbines are broken why have the repairs not been expedited?

If they are not broken, how much power have they generated since January this year?

Conversely, how much power has been drawn down from the National Grid in the normal way, and at what cost – again to taxpayers?

As our present Government seems hell-bent on covering the country in wind turbines, these are a particularly poor example.

Sue Allcroft,

Alnwick Town Councillor