Who’s being aggressive?

How ironic that Northumberland County Council is considering wasting yet more of its ratepayers’ hard-earned cash on body cameras for its traffic wardens, following ‘many incidents’ of abuse from motorists, when it is in fact the aggressive policy of the council that is the cause of so much fury.

Motorists are understandably upset at the sheer amount of tickets being handed out and business owners are furious at the treatment of unsuspecting visitors.

Indeed, there was even a ‘civil enforcement officer’ out in Alnwick first thing on Sunday, a dull wet morning, handing out tickets in the residential streets, as well as the town centre, making sure that the few customers that the shops had were well and truly penalised for their audacity in wanting to spend some of their money in the town. No doubt any visitors will decide to shop elsewhere next time (perhaps Morpeth where you can park for free on a Sunday).

However, while it is little wonder ratepayers are so exasperated by the council’s stance and attitude to both local and visiting motorists, there is little to be gained by being unpleasant to council employees.

The public’s anger would be better directed to the clowns, yet again illustrating their sheer lack of common sense, who came up with this idiotic idea in the first place ... at County Hall.

Christopher Goodfellow

The Dunterns