Where are all the southern turbines?

We have just been down south to Berkshire, Hampshire and other counties.

We were dismayed at the lack of repellent and hated wind turbines compared to the invasion of Northumberland that is being inflicted on us against our wishes.

I asked a politician where all the turbines were. He told us that there were too many influential people down there who wouldn’t stand for their views and neighbourhoods being destroyed! I had to walk away.

David Cameron’s county has only 16MW of turbines whereas Northumberland now has 328KW and rising rapidly. Why are they not bowing to Government policy, yet Northumberland is, so slavishly?

We have also been told by doctor friends of ours that they have seen an increase in the numbers of rural folk in Northumberland seeking help for depression, anxiety etc, partly as a result of difficulties paying the hugely-inflated energy bills, which are going to rise yet again this year, and the effects turbines are having on so many people. It was on the BBC radio news this morning that domestic violence has risen to over 2,000 cases per month in the Northumbria police area with 1,183 cases in Northumberland. I don’t doubt that these pressures are playing their part in some of these cases. Nobody has even considered the social cost of these hugely-inefficient monsters.

If you had a long journey to work each day, you wouldn’t replace your efficient car with a gigantic, hugely expensive and highly inefficient 100 ton juggernaut and your boss wouldn’t dream of subsidising you to do so either, nor would he subsidise a fleet for his other staff or he would soon be bankrupt. This is the same principle as fantasy ‘wind energy’.

It is 11 years ago that the ‘pushers’ of so-called global warming were telling us in the headlines and on TV, that we would all be dead in 10 years and the planet would be destroyed if something wasn’t done immediately to abolish carbon emissions.

Well, we’re all still here, same old, same old, they are still pushing their La La land theories and carbon emissions have actually risen worldwide.

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More harm than good

We work hard on promoting tourism in this county, so what do we do? Put up monstrous windfarms which destroy the landscape.

The once tranquil, stunningly beautiful countryside is becoming as ugly as the industrial cities and for what?

The good of the earth or to line certain pockets?


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