Wheel it out nationally

I agree with your correspondent regarding the cycle route along the AVRS. I would go further and wheel it out nationally.

Most country roads have an unused verge running alongside turn that into a cycle/footpath.

Roll it out as a national youth working scheme.

School leavers with no job prospects would love this opportunity.

The hard work would give them a sense of purpose in life.Stop the boredom and idleness which leads to drugs, etc. Better than lying around all day on their parents’ settee.

They would learn every aspect the building industry could offer: Surveying, concreting, brick and kerb laying, drainage, heavy plant operating.

The discipline of getting up in the morning to do a hard day’s work.

Employers would have access to a trained, disciplined work force.

There is a reputed £15billion sloshing around the youth employment sector with virtually no chance of employment at the end of it.

How much finds its way out of London is anybody’s guess.

Only the politicians can instigate this scheme.

Don’t hold your breath.

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