What are we voting for?

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Like the gentleman in the audience of Question Time last week, I am old enough to remember Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech about immigration, which prompted me to write to a newspaper for the first time in my life.

Now UKIP, with its bombastic approach, has managed to make the electorate think that the European elections next week are a referendum on our membership of the EU and a way to curb immigration.

Mobility is not just of people but also of ideas – ideas which help us to play our part in the global village in which we live.

We vote in order to elect those people we think can best represent our interests in the EU, and to ensure that we continue to benefit within an organisation to which we actually belong.

If we vote for people who are sceptical of the organisation, rarely attend and therefore take little part in decisions which affect us, we simply give permission for them to draw an average salary of £83,000 per year, plus a fixed-rate allowance of £46,200.

UKIP says that the EU costs us – but they are happy to reclaim into their own pockets substantial sums while not properly representing us, the voters.

John Hobrough,

St Lawrence Terrace,