What action?

YOUR strongly worded leader calling for action on the economic plight of our area was cogent, though I fear that it was not enough and it needs sharper teeth.

What action?

Your demand will be dismissed as easy oratory unless you back it up with carefully-researched and thoroughly-worked ideas for tackling the economic situation in which we find ourselves, ideas which must be relevant to the locality and can be put to work.

We need a local think-tank.

It is not a simple challenge, because whatever is suggested has to fit into the jigsaw of the whole British economy and the Government’s economic policies, especially after the Autumn Statement.

Show your mettle, please sir.

Ben Hopkinson,

Watershaugh Road,


Editor: The Gazette has been having discussions with the county council and other relevant bodies to find out how we can help and to launch a campaign with various initiatives in the next couple of weeks.