What about Euro policy?

The letter from Paul Brannen, the Labour Party European Team Candidate (letters, March 27) states that the contest for first place in May’s European election is between Ukip and Labour and that, unlike the last European election when many refused to vote ‘because you’re all the same’, this time there is no excuse as Ukip is the polar opposite of everything that Labour stands for.

Mr Brannen then goes on to list eight Ukip policies including no ban on handguns, cutting public-sector jobs, denying asbestos is dangerous etc which are, presumably, opposed by Labour.

Yet, the one crucial question, namely whether or not Britain should remain in Europe does not warrant a mention.

Are we to assume, therefore, that Labour and Ukip are united on this issue, namely, that Britain should leave Europe or is it that Labour does not have a policy as with so much else, hence the silence.

Confused of Alnwick