What a waste of resources

I have just telephoned Customer Services at County Hall to request a permit for me to take a trailer (over 6ft long) filled with garden waste to the tip for recycling.

A very helpful young lady said that this would be done. I asked if it would be possible for the permit to be emailed to me as I rather wanted to do the trip the next day.

The reply was that this would not be possible as the council did not send them by email, but always sent them by first class post so I might get it tomorrow.

There is an old saying, “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.”

The council are strapped for cash and yet will waste a stamp (60p) , an envelope (5p), the paper and printing (a few pence), and clerical time (more pence), when the complete permit could be sent by email for a fraction of this cost.

Which century is the council in? Perhaps the permit should be written using a quill pen and carried by a man on a horse!

Come on council, get with it!

Bill Sidgwick,

Lane Head Farm,