WETHERSPOONS: Sort issues out quickly

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Could the powers that be from Northumberland County Council please inform the people of Alnwick what is happening with the old Corn Exchange picture house, which Wetherpoons is supposed to be taking over?

It seems there is problem after problem between the council and Wetherpoons – now it’s about the change of ownership.

Wetherspoons stated five weeks ago that it was still committed to opening in Alnwick so why is the council not doing something about it?

I live in Pickwick Place, which looks onto the Corn Exchange building.

The building and adjoining car park are an absolute disgrace. On a wet day, the car park is full of water, and the building appears to be falling down.

We elected the council at the election so it should give Alnwick what the people want.

So come on and get yourselves together and get it sorted.

It will bring more people to shop in Alnwick, or do you want Alnwick to go backwards instead of forward?

Sort this mess out quickly.

D Knapp,

Pickwick Place,