WETHERSPOON: Time to settle this dispute

Corn Exchange, Alnwick
Corn Exchange, Alnwick

I read with interest the article in the Northumberland Gazette, January 15, on the situation concerning Wetherspoon taking over the old Corn Exchange picture house in Roxburgh Place, next to the car park.

I think it is a disgrace that Northumberland County Council keep finding feeble excuses to stop this project, which most people want for the better of the town of Alnwick.

The issue now seems to be the use of some of the car park to store a glass bin, and a normal bin, this would be part of scrub land and hard-standing.

I believe that Wetherspoon is prepared to resurface and line the whole of the car park which at this present time is an absolute disgrace. It is full of potholes, which when it rains fill with water.

I’m sure if a company came to me with an offer of restoring the building and prepared to resurface the whole car park adjoining it, I would take their hands off.

The area around the building is being used for fly-tipping, that’s probably what the council wants, they seemingly don’t want it tidied up.

If the car park is properly lined, it could house about another five or six cars. If Weatherspoon took up three spaces that would still leave three spare places, so no loss of space would occur.

The building is actually falling to bits, the county council must get a grip and not let this project slip.

You were elected as councillors for Northumberland, for the people of Northumberland. A thousand people in the Alnwick area voted for Weatherspoon, so do what the people of Alnwick want, or face the facts that Alnwick in five years time will become a ghost town, with nothing but charity shops and estate agents.

This looks like what the council wants. Wetherspoon will bring trade into the centre of the town, surely this has to be a positive move. So come on and settle this dispute and give them the go-ahead and let’s have the area nice and clean and tidy.

Meanwhile, I see Greenwoods men’s shop has closed down. When are the council going to realise that putting the rent and rates down to an affordable level and have a lesser amount of money coming in is better than nothing?

What has happened to the phone company that were going to take over the old Collectables shop? Rent and rates probably.

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