WETHERSPOON: Council must think of those they represent

Councillors at a site visit at Alnwick Corn Exchange  on Tuesday.
Councillors at a site visit at Alnwick Corn Exchange on Tuesday.

I am led to believe, whether it is true or not, that Wetherspoons have finally pulled the plug on taking over the old Corn Exchange picture house in Roxburgh Place.

I think this is disgraceful, the way it has been handled on Northumberland County Council’s behalf.

Every time you heard about it, the council had a stumbling block. This council was elected to represent the people of Alnwick and Northumberland, not make decisions to suit themselves.

So I think at the next council elections, don’t vote for anybody as they are not doing what we ask of them.

I also think they should only have a two-year term on the council, so if they are no good, get rid.

They have had the chance to have the area around the old picture house tidied up, as it is becoming a fly-tipping area, also a new car park would have been a great thing, but the county council and local council don’t want the town of Alnwick to move forward, they want it to become a ghost town, which is happening now.

So I say to the council, go back to Wetherspoons and tell them you want them in Alnwick, and remember you represent us, the people of Alnwick, and don’t be selfish and think you are better than the local people.

The worst thing that ever happened to Alnwick was when it was voted the best town to live in. This had a negative affect on the town, so swallow your pride and move forward.

It’s funny how you can allow Aldi, and not Wetherspoons, also a McDonalds will be allowed. Is the town too posh for Wetherspoons? It will bring more people into the town centre.

So let them go ahead, or else the town will become completely dead.

Mr D Knapp,

Pickwick Place,