Were you in the class of ’64?

Did you leave Central High in 1964? If you did, the Old Girls are looking for you.

This summer, it will be 50 years since you left CNHS. Fifty years is pretty special and some of the year of ’64 are planning a reunion at the school in Eskdale Terrace, Jesmond, this coming September.

The 50 Years On Reunion will take place in conjunction with the Old Girls’ annual Reunion Day, from 10am on Saturday, September 20.

There will be coffee and time to chat in the morning, guided tours of the school by current Sixth Formers and lunch, which won’t resemble school dinners of 1964.

The school, which has now combined with Church High School to form the new Newcastle High School for Girls, looks very different from 50 years ago but the spirit is still there and the day promises to be full of nostalgic memories, as well as much fun and laughter.

There are also plans for an informal supper on the Saturday evening at a local restaurant for the 1964 leavers – a chance to carry on those endless conversations.

Susan Hitching (nee Banfield), Judith Phillips and Christine Fox (nee Scott) are trying to contact as many girls from 1964 as possible.

They are doing pretty well but there are still several girls they haven’t been able to track down.

If they haven’t yet been able to trace you and you’d be interested in getting back in touch and also receiving further information about the day, please contact Christine Fox on chris fox122@gmail.com or the Old Girls’ Guild on ogg@cnh.gdst.net. Here’s to a great reunion.

Christine Fox