Well done, Connie!

I WAS so pleased when I read about ‘young’ Connie Mossman and how she has kept so fit. I was saying ‘yes, yes, yes’ to everything that she did to keep fit.

I could have written it myself because I’m in my 83rd year and I do all the things she has done.

I’m into the new zumba dancing now, which is brilliant, and I do yoga stretches too, which helps enormously as I have a handicapped daughter of 58 years to push in a wheelchair, so you can see I need to keep fit.

I tell everyone if I feel more like 18 years old and feel very sorry for people crippled with arthritis etc.

I thank the good Lord night and morning for my state of health and sincerely wish good health to Connie.

Sheila Simpson,

Ascot Drive,

Cannock, Staffordshire

PS My sister sends me the Gazette by post every week. When I pick it up from behind the door I always say ‘The weekend starts here!’