We will deliver safe play area

RE the Playbuilder Scheme on the Village Green at Longframlington.

In reply to Mrs Roxburgh’s letter in the Gazette, I write the following to try to put the picture straight.

The Playbuilder Scheme has had a chequered history, approved by the previous Labour government, scrapped by the current coalition, reprieved then scrapped again and finally resurrected.

It was a great relief to all concerned to see the monies ring-fenced for this project and finally begun.

The idea behind Playbuilder projects was to create a scheme of play for children that was more environmentally friendly than the traditional play areas, which includes tree planting and mounds of earth for the children to play on.

Planning permission was not required for any of these schemes.

The parish council has worked well with the project organiser and despite some setbacks will deliver a scheme of play that we can all be proud of in Longframlington.

Apologies to all concerned for any inconvenience and disruption. We will deliver.

Trevor Thorne,

County Councillor and Chairman of the Central Planning Committee