We want to know more

While the proposal for a mountain bike park beside the sewage treatment works does have some merit, there are a number of issues surrounding the plans that deserve better consideration, not least, the suggestion of access by way of Fisher Lane.

Your correspondent (Gazette, May 29) rightly raises the concerns surrounding the safety of other users of Fisher Lane.

He (or she) also rightly, and just as importantly, raises the question of the lack of transparency regarding the plans and the holding of meetings in connection with those plans.

I too live in Allerburn Lea. I was not aware of the first meeting held on February 12, and only became aware of the second a few days before it took place at St Paul’s School.

After speaking to other residents of the estate, I found that few were aware of either the plans or the meeting.

So much for keeping the public aware. Yes, there was a small notice in the Gazette but it contained little information to suggest the importance of this meeting, or of the effect that it would potentially have for the users of Fisher Lane.

When I raised this lack of information at the meeting I was given the spurious explanation that the cost of advising households was too great. I find it difficult to accept this as the cost of preparing a one or two-sided A4 sheet of paper for the 204 houses on the estate would have been negligible.

So I am drawn to the conclusion that this deliberate obfuscation was to deny residents the information and opportunity to express their views in the hope that they would become a fait accompli. We will, however, be watching closely from now on.

Hiding behind a promise that the date will be published in the Gazette is not enough. Many of us will want to attend. If Couns Castle and Cairns care about our views, they will ensure that we are fully informed.

Nigel Coghill-Marshall,

Ukip Prospective Parliamentary Candidate,

Berwick upon Tweed