We support a car park

The report in last week’s Gazette about the rejected proposal for the Joiners Arms car park fails accurately to convey the views of the residents of Newton-by-the-Sea, although interestingly Mr Fisher, who owns the Joiners Arms, has his views quoted.

Contrary to the impression given, most of the residents and property owners in Newton wholeheartedly support a car park, it is the location proposed by Mr Fisher to which there is such strenuous objection – this for the following reasons.

A car park directly behind the houses in Town Close would make life intolerable for the people living there. The intrusion from light and noise from cars and their occupants would be enormous – as pointed out at the planning meeting on February 6, every car going to the car park would pass the windows of the houses four times.

Mr Fisher quite rightly says that there is a desperate need to reduce the traffic congestion in Newton and resolve the road safety issues.

The location for the car park proposed by Mr Fisher would singularly fail to do this as the volume of traffic coming through the village to reach the car park would not be reduced and may actually be increased resulting in precisely the same road safety issues as currently exist. In addition, the size of the car park (32 places) is insufficient to solve the parking problems in peak times.

What Newton needs to restore and maintain its rural tranquility is a car park on the approach to the village so that traffic to the Joiners Arms need not enter the village at all.

There are two potential sites for this car park, neither of which as yet has been investigated by Mr Fisher nor by the council.

One site is on land currently owned by Mr Fisher (the caravan site), the other a field opposite the caravan site whose availability has already been established.

Many people in Newton patronise the Joiners Arms and enjoy the facilities it has to offer, but there is an urgent need to provide a car park of an adequate size outside the village boundary.

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