We’re suffering

This time last week, the Times and various MPs have stated that, with the reduction in spending, that services in local places have been provided in every best fashion.

This shows that those living in the city of London or the South East have no conception of the deterioration of services.

Any rural area driver will declare that the roads are now no better than any in a third-world nation. Not only are they full of potholes but the substructure has not been brought up to standard since the ’60s so it is now porous and leaking so any mending above quickly breaks down.

Social services can only act for people returning home from hospital and even then only for six weeks. There are elderly who have no relatives here at risk this coming winter.

I found my husband had been removed from their list without any reference to myself as the carer; I know of a retired person with rheumatoid arthritis who, although using a wheelchair, is seeing to her blind mother of 96 without help.

Education here no longer has a committee designated for it and no director or chairman with special responsibility, yet is surprisingly successful mainly due to our rather good teaching profession.

However, they have had support of many excellent teaching assistants particularly in our smaller first schools which our present Minister proposes to stop as he claims they are unskilled. He doesn’t realise many of them up here are trained teachers who are happy to continue helping our children.

The county has little in the way of low-rent housing as Thatcher’s men in the early ’80s told councils to sell off to long-term residents but then refused the spending of the sums produced on new buildings and then attacked councils for holding capital, fining us for careful spending.

They also altered the weighting, removing money from the rural areas to the cities like London, Scotland and Wales get better funding than the border English counties.

It is wrong that southern national newspapers whose journalists have no idea of the situation outside London should be able to write articles making policy claims for the services we all need.

Anne Wrangham,

By email