We’re not crooks

IT was not only the facts of the budget which so upset the public, but the the language used in introducing the changes.

Accusations of our dodging taxes while making legitimate claims of expenditure, when all entries are extremely vetted by the Inland Revenue – we are not criminals.

Then with the granny tax, it was said that the elderly were not losing like families at present and not paying their way, yet we have to pay VAT now – 20 per cent – on all we buy.

We faced the same rises in rates in the last four years, on top of which we have lost income due to the complete loss of dividends and interest on our savings (the only people in Britain who had a saving habit in our youth) and as we need in the rural ares to use cars (no public transport ) we are paying the enormous taxes on vehicle fuel.

Just to get my daily paper uses two litres of petrol. I am 79 and could not cycle instead.

I fully understand that we have to pay for services like roads, schools, police and the Forces, but in the past it was realised that there was a greater need for expenditure for the over-80-year-olds and that seems to have been forgotten since 2000.

There used to be very good social services provided for the elderly and regular visits from GPs, but the latter have got lost and all services are being charged for, even from those on basic pension.

It cost £5 for 15 minutes’ ironing, for instance, the only help given to one of our retired coucillors over 80. Beveridge must be turning in his grave.

I cut my teeth electioneering when Beveridge came in 1948 and was very grateful for the help in Wandsworth which enabled my parents to live out their days in their home there.

Members of Parliament now have no idea of the life of a common man as they go from university to being Private Parliamentary Secretaries to ministers and then into Parliament. They never make their living as professionals, like doctors or dentists, soldiers or legals, or earn their way in business.

Even the socialist members worked and were brought on by the unions in education and then on into local or national government. Now they are products of the upper classes.

In the past they only entered Westminster at about 40 and then went on to lead us – look at Churchill. We could not have won the war with the sort of speeches of recent years undermining the state of the country and running down its monetary position. Back then it would have been regarded as treason and stopped.

The car fuel scare this week shows the result of stupid speeches by one such as Maude.

I rest my case. Those people in power have got to take more trouble on what they say and how they say it.

Anne Wrangham

by email