We’re damaging our own planet

A wind turbine.
A wind turbine.
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With all the protests against wind turbines it still amazes me how many people can’t admit that the activities of the human race are damaging our planet.

We know that running a car engine in a closed garage makes the atmosphere within that garage deadly to breath, it doesn’t take long and it doesn’t require a great deal of fuel.

Isn’t it therefore logical that if we multiply this effect by the current estimate of one billion cars on the planet we are releasing a vast amount of toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Since the days of the Wright brothers’ first powered flight, we have increased our activities in this mode of transport to over 18million commercial aircraft flights last year.

These flights release toxic gases high in the atmosphere.

Our ever-increasing demand for electricity to power our gadgets and light up our homes also requires the consumption of fossil fuel.

We may choose to do nothing and carry on just as we are or we may decide that now is the time to start making changes.