We need new power stations, not windfarms

WELL the 18 wind turbines at Middlemoor are to go ahead.

With the 10 more at Wandylaw they will produce about 75 kwh of energy in total, that’s very little, heavily subsidized energy with all of us paying over the odds and the only real beneficiaries being the landowners.

Possibly upwards of £50,000 per year per turbine.

No wonder they are happy.

Few local jobs will be involved with the construction and virtually none with their operation.

We also need to pay for the back-up power stations which will be needed when the wind doesn’t blow.

That’s coal-fired or gas-fired stations too – operating inefficiently while spinning their turbines waiting for the wind to stop. As it will do.

Wind turbines are inefficient and expensive for us.

Just remember that the total output of both sites is less than one tenth of the production of one normal sized power station.

And yes, I am in favour of nuclear power stations. They produce energy all the time and are efficient.

A single such station in Northumberland would provide many jobs during construction and a few hundred, well paid jobs for the life of the station.

A good investment for the county. Not at Druridge Bay. That battle has been lost already.

But I live in hope.

Ray Farnsworth,

Robert Adam Court,