We need a clean sweep

ON a recent work trip to Paris I noticed in the mornings the shopkeepers and cafe owners hosing down the pavements in front of their property. I have also noticed this in the United States and other parts of Europe.

On a recent trip back home to Alnwick, I only noticed two local businesses hosing down, Ray’s Menswear, a legacy of Hepworth’s days, and Blackmore’s restaurant. There may well be others who I didn’t see.

While people may say it is the job of the council to clean the street, pride in one’s own business and town must surely be high on everyone’s agenda for the welfare and trade of the town.

We have an almost unique town, adjacent to a Castle that ranks alongside Windsor and one of the most important castles of Europe, and we should do everything we can to make good its appearance, for ourselves and our visitors.

Brinley Moralee,

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia