We get a very good service

Re: Alnwick Post Office. My husband and I have travelled widely during the course of our careers, and I like to keep in contact with friends and colleagues in many countries across the world.

This involved such activities as sending scientific magazines to a meteorologist in Bulgaria, and press cuttings of art exhibitions to a sculptor in Australia.

When we retired to this area, I was delighted to find that Alnwick Post Office has such a wide range of stationery and packing material and I have always found the staff both behind the post office counter and in the paper shop extremely courteous and helpful.

We all know that such shops are working under tremendous difficulties these days, and I think we should be prepared to overlook minor details of appearance and presentation in view of the very good service which we are given on the essentials.

Kathleen Hunt BA, AMA,

South End, Longhoughton